OrbitService Puppy in training

Orbit was born July 2023, and is being raised by longtime volunteer puppy raiser Lori and her family.  Orbit is the second puppy to be sponsored by SCS Elevator Products through the Guide Dogs of America organization.

Join us to watch Orbit play, train, go on community outings, and dream of the day when she’s a service dog.

✨🌈 Orbit demonstrated her instinct for service during her rounds in a medical center. Orbit met a kind gentleman anxiously awaiting a brain MRI. Sensing his unease, she chose to stay by his side. He smiled, hugged her, stroked her fur, and his rapid breathing eased. From the doorway, Orbit attentively watched over him until everything was finished. Sometimes the most profound acts of kindness require no words but only genuine presence. 🌈✨ 

While learning to ride elevators, we are acting as ‘Inspector Orbit’ - checking for Braille. All good here! 🔎⭐️

🦮💜 Orbit feels roll over happiness for the graduating guide and service dog teams.

We are grateful to the IE/Glendora group for a training outing to Bass Pro Shops! Life-size bears and a stream with swimmers – very large bass! My favorite part was the fudge store with lots of ‘floor samples.’ It was fun to ‘jump on’ the fish bench and the jeep. Now, where’s my driver?! 🚀💫

🚒 At Glendale Fire Department I practiced “sit/stay” in the dispatch center, “jump on” the paramedic truck, and “down/stay” next to big fluffy Commander Cooper. We are grateful for the brave fire and paramedic humans who help us puppies in training and for all you do everyday! 🇺🇸🚀⭐️

At first glance, this might seem like just a dog on a leash, but there’s a whole world of training behind it. 🐾🐾In the (left) photo of 3 month old Orbit, she demonstrates the ‘loose leash’ technique, forming a perfect J-shape beside me, resisting the urge to pull like a sled dog. 🐕 In the (right) photo of 7 month old Orbit, she settles into the close position snugly tucked between my legs. It’s not just a cute pose; it’s the ideal stance for navigating tight spaces or bustling crowds. 🚀

The 2023 holiday season was filled with lots of festive activities. From, donating to a toy drive to hanging out with a very large Rudolph and tree. She took it all in stride and did great and enjoyed the photo opportunities.

Orbit was the best girl around the tempting ornaments, glittering tree, and people who wanted to pet her!

I saw lawn sprinklers today! They made loud hissing noises and squirted water everywhere! I stared at them until my little brain said no worries, you got this!

On my journey to become a service dog it’s important I don’t react or become distracted while working. This is a terrific beginning! Have a great day pupper friends!